Friday, June 26, 2009

Such a goof and Lilli update!

This is what happens when I tell Edward to let me take a nice picture of him. The kid doesnt like nice pictures being taken of him at all. He thinks it funny to be silly. All I wanted was a semi nice photo for our wall that was updated. I guess I'll have to try again later this week. I just hope it gets nicer outside. I'm sick of overcast's or rain. Here are some others from todays trip outside. Our first semidecent morning in awhile. The afternoon ended up beautiful before the rain started tonight but alas I didnt take my camera outside with me then. lol

Sissy's favorite thing to do at the playground. Swing. She'll do it all day long if you let her.

This child was just so excited to see Daddy when he came home for lunch. This is the first time in awhile Anthony felt well enough to join us outside for a bit. So we had a picnic lunch.

Just playing on his "Orage" dog. lol (if you cant tell its not a dog. Its like a deer or something along those lines)

Swinging some more. See she loves it!
He loves going down the slides!
AND for the big Lilli update. She decided this evenign that walking is WAY cooler then crawling! She is still crawling but there is deffinatly more walking going on. Its not even just to things she really wants anymore. Its a mode of transpertation! YAY! I will attempt to get a video of her walking tomorrow but we are going to go look at getting me a new car! (YAY YAY YAY!) Hopefully I will remember to take the camera with me EVERYWHERE so I can catch her if she does it.


  1. I love the one with Eddie and his daddy!! So precious!

  2. Oh and is Lillis hair red or is that just the lighting?

  3. Its just the lighting. She does have some red tones to it but she deffinatly has brown hair. :( And I love that pic of the boys too.