Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lilliana Walking (VID)

I was able to get this short video of Lilliana walking to me earlier.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Such a goof and Lilli update!

This is what happens when I tell Edward to let me take a nice picture of him. The kid doesnt like nice pictures being taken of him at all. He thinks it funny to be silly. All I wanted was a semi nice photo for our wall that was updated. I guess I'll have to try again later this week. I just hope it gets nicer outside. I'm sick of overcast's or rain. Here are some others from todays trip outside. Our first semidecent morning in awhile. The afternoon ended up beautiful before the rain started tonight but alas I didnt take my camera outside with me then. lol

Sissy's favorite thing to do at the playground. Swing. She'll do it all day long if you let her.

This child was just so excited to see Daddy when he came home for lunch. This is the first time in awhile Anthony felt well enough to join us outside for a bit. So we had a picnic lunch.

Just playing on his "Orage" dog. lol (if you cant tell its not a dog. Its like a deer or something along those lines)

Swinging some more. See she loves it!
He loves going down the slides!
AND for the big Lilli update. She decided this evenign that walking is WAY cooler then crawling! She is still crawling but there is deffinatly more walking going on. Its not even just to things she really wants anymore. Its a mode of transpertation! YAY! I will attempt to get a video of her walking tomorrow but we are going to go look at getting me a new car! (YAY YAY YAY!) Hopefully I will remember to take the camera with me EVERYWHERE so I can catch her if she does it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our newest Girl!

Her name is Ferra and she's a ferret. I got her for Anthony for an early anniversary gift. If you know anything about me I do not like anything that slightly could resemble a rat. lol I do have to admit she's a sweetie. She's won all of our hearts over. Our neighbor rescued her but couldnt keep her as she was allergic. So I bought her off of her. She was hardly played with at her last home and is loving being able to run about as she wishes (for the most part anyways.) She loves to hide things in typical Ferret fashion. Its adorable to watch her as she thinks we arent watching. She is a toe licker and perfers Daddy's toes the most. Isnt she pretty?


Monday, June 15, 2009

OHHH So proud of myself (photography blog!)

I had two of my best friends over for dinner tonight which meant 3 kids who arent used to my camera being shoved in their faces! YAY! They love me taking their picture and it gives me a chance to practice on someone other the Eddie and Lilli. I freaking LOVE these three boys. They are awesomely precious and completely different from my 2 munchkins. Tyler and Rhyley have the bluest eyes imaginable and the prettiest blonde hair. Collin is just the perfect mix and so angelic looking. lol He's the hardest kid to get mad at.
Re-edit to make undead looking lol
How handsome is he? I mean if I was a 4 y/o oh yea! lol
I just love this kids smile and eyes! SeriouslyAnne is gonna have some problems later on keeping the girls away.
And from him too. Seriously these boys are heartbreakers!
Collin Buddy!
And my little buddy!! I love love love this kid!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Basically a Photo Blog

The Kids and I went outside tonight about 6:30 to wear out the kids. I just let Eddie run around on the playground equipment and I took some pictures of Lilli since I still haven't done her one year photos. OOPS! lol I got at least one I will be printing off in the near future that I absolutely love. The post processing I did on it I think is what made the picture. Not normally the route I would have taken but I love it.
A girl and her Baby Doll

Do you see why its my favorite? Just something so sweet and inocent going on there.

Another favorite. She just snuggled right up on my tummy while I was trying to take a picture of Edward. (who wouldnt let me take any of him grrr) so I quickly turned the camera around on the two of us. This conversion seemed so right for the emotions I felt in this one.
This is the best shot I could get of Edward while we were out playing. Not sure why only half of the slide is green and the other half is black. Wierd. Still cute all the same. I wish Budda would let me take some nices ones of him.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A lil bit of Everything

Ehh where do I start. Its be a frustrating few days.
The kids have done nothing but fight or throw hissy fits where one will egg on the other. Seriously who knew a 1 y/o could throw a 45 minute fit over a fricking cookie! It really happened today and it was not fun at all. We are talking about throwing herself on the ground, crying, screaming, backing into a corner to hit her head on the wall hissy fit! All because her brother didnt give her his last cookie that she wanted. Mind you she had her own snack moments before that she ate all of. If this is how it is at 1 I dont want to see how the terrible 2's and 3's are going to be. Please just shoot me now if it gets worse with her. lol Oh and did I mention the entire time she was throwing this fit Eddie sat in front of her very very slowly eating this cookie that was no bigger then a silver dollar? Yup, he can be an ass already.
Anthony has been out in the field now for a week. When he left he was complaining of cold and allergy like symptoms. He was living with a Medic and they noticed he was weezing so they gave him an inhaler ontop of the day quil he was already taking. Today he ended up going to the aid station and they gave him a cold medicine and eye drops because he was having issues with them. Then they just sent him back out to the field to suffer. Poor guy. Ironically though I would normally be bitching about him being sick because like most men the world ends when he is sick. But not being able to baby him like normal is driving me nuts. Isnt it my job as his wife to make him feel better? lol I seriously can not wait for the next two weeks to be done and then he'll be home.
We've almost completley figured out vacation! YAY! After a few small bumps in the road I have finally booked a bed and breakfast. There is only two rooms in the establishment for rent and we got the one with the balcony! YAY! It has a shared bathroom but the reviews say that its not that bad. Hopefully I wont be disappointed. We are leaving here on the July 5th pretty early and heading to Rust, Germany to either do a castle tour and a few other small things around town or going to Europa Park. I'm sure we will do the small things sunday so we are plenty rested for the park. We are doing 2 days at Europa Park and the other 3 days will be spent in the Black Forest. I found this cute little "train/tram" ride up a Mountain which Eddie will love, there is a grandfather or Cucko clock factory/museum I want to do and a few other things. This will be our first official family vacation! I'm not counting weekend get aways otherwise we've done plenty of those. lol I made sure the hotel has free internet so I can blog from there. haha I'm addicted what can I say.
Oh tomorrow, well I guess today for me technically, I am going to get more fish stuff. lol They are addicting too. I just want a few more Gold Barbs as they are my favorites and I saw some Purple barbs, I think thats what they were called, that I want to get 5-6 of to add to the tank. tomorrow though I'm only probably going to get a backround for the tank and maybe a few more fake plants. The fish will come at a later date I have a feeling. I do believe our tank needs to cycle a bit more before adding more fish. I'm going to check our ammonia levels tomorrow and see where they are at. If its where it should be then I will go from there when deciding. I may go another week or two before Adding more.
I guess thats all for now. Sorry no pics today since I'm on Anthonys computer and I'm not supposed to upload to this. It'll happen on leave though and he knows it. haha

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trip to the Wildepark! (tons of pics)

Today, My good friend Wendy and I packed up the three kids and went on an adventure. Her neighbors had told her of the "wildepark"(petting zoo) in Burlengenfeld. So off we went. While we didnt see too many animals probably because the kids were way too busy being 1 and 2 year olds its was a ton of fun. Eddie and Collin are best friends (most days) so they will always find something to do no matter where we go. They were just inlove with the animals that we did see and the things within the park that they found to do. They were just amazed by everything that could amaze a fly. lol We will be heading back soon on a sunny nonsprinkling day not only to see if more animals will come out but for us Mommy's to get a bit of a walk and they kids to play on the playground they didnt get to do. So please enjoy the pictures of the children having fun!
Here are the only two pictures of Animals I got that turned out decent. lol

The boys found these cool little stands and we decided to make use of them for a few photo ops. It was fun. They had fun and started wearing themselves out. Which as any parent knows is an AWESOME benefit to any day out.

Even the pretty princess got a change to sit on them on and take a picture or too. She loved to be able to get out of the stroller for even a few minutes and just sit on something else. I know she is just dying to get up and run with the boys when Wendy and I go out next. Hopefully she will stop being lazy soon and realize walking is the first step to running (literally lol)

He had to take this darn umbrella with us. Its his newest favorite thing ever. Well its about a month or so old but he still loves to take it with us anywhere we go. Today it was a good thing since it did rain. But it turned into an awesome awesome prop to use. :)

This is a favorite of mine from today. :) He just looks so natural hiding under his umbrella staring out. (another lake shot lol)I cant believe how grown up my baby boy is starting too look. Before I know it he will be a teenager! lol

Staring off at the "DUCKS" Which is her newest word! She started imatating the boys and by the trip home she was just going on about "duck, duck duck, duck, dada, duck" Well you get the point.

This is probably my favorite picture all day. The boys were standing on this tree stump staring at ducks. They were just amazed by Ducks. Nothing amazing Ducks. lol Do you see Eddies hands on his hips pose? Yup thats his "Now see here, I'm gonna tell you this once and only once" stance. He was telling Collin some juicey stuff.

Silly kids just didnt want to cooperate for a group photo. Eddie is posing super cute for the picture but looks tieny tiny! lol

Lilli was in love with the deer. She was happy we stood at the fence and watched them for a few minutes. She just smiled as big as could be when she spotted them. She really loved this doe that was walking around when I snapped the shot of the buck above. Below you can see her smile and that she is pointing at something. Well she was pointing at the deer.

I cant get over how big girl she looks. Its just amazing to me. :( Where has the time gone?

As you can see we had an amazing time today!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Holy crap my kids can get along! Lol J/K I have two of the best kids when it comes to playing with one another. They are one anothers best friends and love to just sit down and play. I wish that my brother and I (we are extremelly close in age too) got along as well as they do. On to the reason that brought on this blog. lol

I'm sweeping trying to get a little bit of housework done today so I dont get behind while Anthony is gone and the kids just kind of disappear. I get to the back half of the apartment and they are sitting in Lilli's room playing together. Nothing too out of the ordinary right? WRONG! My children normally play well together as long as both of them have their own toys right in front of them and the other one isnt touching their toys. Today they were both playing with Lil's toys and she wasn't freaking out on him. Infact she was sharing very nicely. Handing him toys and not immediatly riping them out of his hands like a jealous little sister. lol I was able to sit in there and just enough my kids playing and take some pictures without having to break up a fight! If only the next 17 years of them living under my roof would go like this. (trust me I realize how probable them being best friends for ever is lol) I seriously took almost 100 pictures of them just playing. This is a VERY VERY rare thing even with them being 1 and 2. I even caught them being as sweet as to hug each other but not on camera. I was just to in awe at that point to hit the shutter button.

How could you not snap a million pictures of these two doing this?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Art time!

We went to a baby shower today and I got to thinking about what a waste all the tissue paper in the bags would be. I snagged some of it with the thought of an Art Project for Edward. With as frugal as I've been trying to be I've been at a loss for stuff to do with him. I grabbed a piece of scrap paper left over from the coloring books I made for Lilli's party, the tissue paper of various colors, and a glue stick. We ripped up some of the tissue paper, sat the scrap paper down and gave him the glue. Nothing too complicated but Eddie had tons of fun making his tissue paper collage or mossaic if you want to say that too. :D I ended up helping him with the glue because he would get made his tissue wouldnt stick when he would only do a dot of glue. Enjoy the pictures of our fun.

*please pardon me looking like poo. I was just about ready for bed*
and blogger putting them backwards. lol I'm too lazy to rearrange them tonight so they start from the end of our project and go to the begining.

Finished Project. Nothing fancy but it was fun!

Mommy helping glue (he was trying to figure out why the cam was going off when I was next to him)

Putting a piece on himself

Glueing himself

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sometimes I just wanna.....

SCREAM! :D Okay better now. Its been a interesting few days. The Company Anthony is currently assigned to has disassembled the group he was supposed to go with and put in him in a different platoon, realized he had a permant profile, and now cant decide where they are going to put him. Seriously how hard is it to assign someone somewhere and keep them there? I know it shouldnt be that frustrating to me but I just want to know if he's going out of the wire or not.
ON a better note. I have the worlds sweetest kids. :) Eddie was talking to his Uncle Dakota today and asked him if he wanted to play trains with him when we go to see him. I dont think he physically remembers what he looks like but remembers him. (Does that make sense? lol) And he told his Aunt Tori (toyi) that he loved her. He talked their ears off! lol I cant wait for him to go back and hang out with them

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


To pass time while Anthony is deployed we have started an Aquarium. He is assisting in the setting up of everything. The kids both love sitting there watching the three fish we have swim around. Today we are going to get more of the Gold Barbs that we currently have in there. Its nice to have a "pet" that doesn't require for me to either clean a litter box or take outside 5 times a day. (don't get me wrong I love dogs, not so much cats and don't mind cleaning up after them lol) I don't mind changing the water. Well I didn't in the smaller tank but I'm sure that 8 gallons twice a week will seem like nothing in a few weeks. I'm lucky that my neighbor has already said she will take care of the tank for me when I'm in the states but I decided that I'm going to cut the trip down to no more then a month long so she isn't dealing with them on her own.
Anyways I'm very excited about this new adventure we have taken upon ourselves. I think it will be fun to see these fish "grow" and live for the next 1.75 years we have left here. And then I get to start ALL over when we go back to the states, which may be heartbreaking. If we get the duty station we want, and we probably will, I don't know where there is a good fish store. The one at the mall SUCKED and all my fish from there died within days of being bought. Could have been my inexperience on the fish subject or could have been that most of them had diseases.
I will update later today with picture of all of the fish intergrated together. I really can not wait to see this tank take off.


These are just a few I was able to snap of the little men and women. :) We now have 6 Gold Barbs, 5 keilfleckbarbe (I cant find what they are called in the states but there is what they are called in Germany) and 2 bottom feeders(hubby has the receipt or I'd tell you exactly what kind of fish they are. No pics of them as they were hiding when I had the camera out)

One of the Keilfleckbarb. Isnt it a beauty?

3 of the 5 keilfleckbarbe

Our original 3 Gold Barbs. :) Still my favorite 3

After we set up the new tank the kids admired it. We have added more decorations now. I'll try and upload a pic of the full tank.

The full tank. I still want to get more "plants" but they will have to wait a few weeks. I really do love this set up though. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lilliana's Birthday Party! (and other stuff)

Thank You to everyone who came! You Rock and helped make my little girls day AWESOME! We love you! We all had a great time. She hasnt put a single present down and has worn a new outfit yesterday and today. She and I both absolutely love the clothes. Lilli looks so pretty and cute! I seriously cant believe that we just celebrated her first birthday! lol :) As I said in the last blog where did the year go? She totally didnt want to put her face in the cake so this is a "staged picture. I smeared the frosting to make it look like she got dirty. lolShe loved unwrapping presents. :) Thank You again Everyone.

MMM FOOD! Tamales, mexican rice, hamburger, hotdogs, mac and cheese and chips! The kids had a good time pigging out!

See what I mean she didnt want to get messy! lol This is how she ate what she would of the cake. Very depressing. Momma wanted a mess!

Her AWESOME cake that her Godmom did! Thank You so much Karla for all of your help with everything on Saturday. You're an awesome friend.

As for the other stuff. lol Anthony is leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks. Well he's not leaving leaving but he wont be home. I cant technically say without violating OPSEC so I wont say. haha But its not far. Its going to SUCK! I seriously wont see him again until leave almost. YAY for leave though. We are planning on going to EuropaPark. ( We are getting a room at one of the Hotels in the "resort". We still have to decide which hotel we want to stay at and make reservations. I honestly cant wait. I just need to see if I can find a couple friends or another family to go with us. That way we dont have to take turns riding rides. But we are doing the two day tickets just to be safe. The park looks big enough that you need to do that anyways. Still hoping for someone to go with us though. Hint hint hint. lol After this trip though and my trip home money is going to have to be saved saved saved! We're going to go to Italy when he comes home from down range. YAY! But of course we are going to need money for that.
I need to go do some housework and see if the little man is up for some photos. He is to the point where he runs if he sees a camera. lol I desperiately need to post some new pictures of him.