Friday, November 13, 2009

I havent blogged for a bit

A lot of new interesting things have happened. Okay maybe not a lot and not interesting but things have happened since my last blog. :)
Edward turned 3 on Oct 24. I cant believe it. He's getting to be such a big boy these days. He weighs in at over 30lbs FINALLY and stands just about 3ft tall. Anthony was the one who took him to the Dr's which is why I don't know 100%. lol He is a very intelligent little man. He can count to 10 and knows his abc's. He may not like to do it when he thinks you are listening but he does. He has recently learned to zip his own coat. Its so cute watching him do it. His vocabulary is impressive. We sit and can have conversations with one another. This time last year he knew maybe 50 words and was not understandable 90% of the time. He's becoming quite the boy. He LOVES Thomas and Friends, Batman, Spiderman, okay all super hero's, Cars, climbing trees. If you think boys love it then he probably does. His imagination grows daily too.
Lilliana is a growing weed too. The dr was concerned with her weight at her last appt and I knew it was a ridiculous concern. She was simply between a growth spurt. :) Little girl is up to 22lbs and is 30 inches tall. Yes still "small" compared to her peers maybe but perfect in my eyes. :) She is still rear facing in her car seat and wouldn't have it any other way. We are hoping she makes it to 3 rf'ing at least. Her vocab is amazing also. I never believed it when they said girls do things faster. Well she has probably a vocab of 75 words that she attempts to use and is putting 2 words together from time to time. Thats where Edward was last Christmas! I'm shocked.
Anthony is "deployed" right now to Romania for a few more days. He basically wont be home until Christmas Leave because of training. :( The kids both miss Daddy like Crazy and he misses them. Lil brought me my cell phone this morning and said "tak Dadda" :( Broke my heart. I miss that man too but it takes a bigger tole on the kids. Dont get me wrong I miss him like crazy but I can cope better than the kids.
Me well I'm just happy we have been able to save up as much money as we have for leave. Lets just say we will be living pretty for the those two weeks and hopefully coming home with some money to spare. :) I have learned how to budget like a mad woman and live off as little money as possible. Its amazing how little we actually do need to survive.
Oh and some pictures of the kiddo's I took today. Arent they precious!?!?