Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our newest Girl!

Her name is Ferra and she's a ferret. I got her for Anthony for an early anniversary gift. If you know anything about me I do not like anything that slightly could resemble a rat. lol I do have to admit she's a sweetie. She's won all of our hearts over. Our neighbor rescued her but couldnt keep her as she was allergic. So I bought her off of her. She was hardly played with at her last home and is loving being able to run about as she wishes (for the most part anyways.) She loves to hide things in typical Ferret fashion. Its adorable to watch her as she thinks we arent watching. She is a toe licker and perfers Daddy's toes the most. Isnt she pretty?



  1. Does she stink? My friend had 3 of them and they stnk so bad!

  2. I dont notice it at all. We keep a febreeze plug-in going in my office where she hangs out for the most part.