Friday, September 18, 2009

Preparing Once Again

Today we got the official word that Tony will be going down range with the next company leaving. ON Tuesday he makes the switch from the Scout Platoon over. Its scary to think that he's leaving soon. I dont want him to be put in Dangers way again. I secretly thank God that he had his allergy attack back in June and that he's not there right now. I just dont think I'm gonna get that lucky two times in a row. I know this is his job and I know I knew that when I married him. It still doesnt make the preparing any easier or the worry any less.
I have a few months to prepare but most of that time he will be gone training. In the next couple months he will be going to Romania for a one month deployment, will have a field op for one month and various other trainings. So basically from here on out he is not going to be around.
I am worried on how this will affect the kids. They are complete Daddy's kids. They admire him so much. Lilli and Eddie both run to the door as soon as they hear the key in the keyhole jiggling around, screaming "Daddy home". They love rough housing with him and I stink at it so I know that they both will miss it.
I ask that each one of you pray for Tony and a safe deployment and to pray for all of the soldiers who are fighting every day for our freedom. These guys put themselves out there so we stay safe everyday. They choose to do this as we choose to do our jobs that don't put us in the same danger as them. Please keep them in your prayers.

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