Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to the States!

Tony and I have decided that we are going home for Christmas! YAY! This came on because of the deployment but I'm not going to turn it down. When we got orders for Germany we said we weren't going home for 3 years. I used to think I was okay with that but I'm missing home. Iowa and Cali. I miss our families. I miss the convenience of going to wal-mart at 2 am if I needed something for one of us and not having to wait until the next day. I miss some fast food places(wendy's, hardees/carls jr, Arbys, Dunkin Donuts). I miss Dollar Stores, ordering in food, not getting looked at like a freak when I try to remember how to say something correctly.
I go tomorrow to SATO (travel agency on post) to buy our tickets! Tony reserved our rental cars today. Only thing left to do is SAVE SAVE SAVE until Dec! Its a good thing the kids presents have already been purchased or we wouldnt be able to save much. We are attempting to pay for everything in cash. If we can stick to our budget we should "hopefully" have plenty saved. I have us on a TIGHT budget. We literally will have no money for extras at all but it will be worth it in the end. I only have grocery (basically if it comes from the commissary) money, gas, bills and 20 for "blow" money the rest is going into savings. Its going to be tough but I know we can do it. We will take about 300 out of that for Eddies birthday and pictures that we had done. Otherwise nothing is being spent. Pray for us that we are able to do this.
I am going to search for coupons for things we want to do while at home to help save us money. We are going to search for free things to do too. That way we do not blow through everything we save. I hope that we can do this. I may go nuts not leaving post for almost 3 months but I know I can do it and that it will be worth it.

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