Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Good Friend Josh

Has ended his backpacking trip through Europe at our house. He got here Tuesday night from Praque and is staying with us until the 10th when he flies out of Berlin where we are going on monday for vacation. He was Anthony's Medic back at Ft Drum and is a GREAT young man. We are truely blessed to have him as a friend and to have him here visiting us. The kids absolutely LOVE the kid. He is Eddie's newest "bes fiend" (best friend) He loves to play cars, rawr and all those boys things with him. Its like the two havent missed a day in the last 1.5 years that we've been seperated from him. We took him to our favorite Mexican place tonight and to do a small tour of Regensberg. (ok they guys were drunk and I didnt take a stroller so it was short walk lol)
Here are a few pics of tonight. I will probably not post again til after vacation next week. Too much is going on. lol

My yummy Eis tonight! Germans make the best deserts!

My hunnies and Josh!


St Peters Cathedrail. (They are restoring it from a fire)

Josh at dinner.

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