Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its been a while...(a crapload of photos!)

Since I last blogged. Anthony has been on leave since just before the 4th so we've been busy. We went to Berlin for 5 days and had a blast, and have done other little things here and there. We've grown closer as a family and as couple. Its amazing how little time we take on a day to day basis to do stuff as a family until we take a vacation. Anthony goes back from Leave on Monday which is going to Suck. I've gotten used to his presence around the house.
While in Berlin we went to the Berlin Zoo, Lego Land Discovery Center, on a Bus Tour of Berlin and the Technical Museam. Nothing horribly fancy but something the kids enjoyed everyday. The Zoo was AMAZING. Its one of the oldest zoo's maybe it is the oldest zoo. I cant remember right off hand. lol IT had a 3 story Aquarium attached to it. Both were amazing. I want to go back and do the zoo again next year. Yup I liked it that much. LegoLand was a bit overpriced for what they had but the kids had fun which is all that matters. They did have some pretty darn good pretzels though. haha (if you dont know German Pretzels are way better then anything you can get in the states. lol) The bus tour took us all around Berlin. We were able to see pieces of the Wall and see where the wall once stood. There are still bits of the wall left standing but we were unable to get out and look at it since it was pouring down rain at that stop. We just couldnt take the kids out in the dog sized rain drops. lol We also say the American Embasy which is right across from the Holocaust Memorial. I got chills when we visited the Memorial. It also hit a few other sights in Berlin. It was a nice relaxing way to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. And Eddie Loved the technical museum. They had tons of trains, planes and boats. Every little boys favorite things! LoL They also had a section on Photography, which if you know me you know why that was exciting for me. I would lie if I said I didnt LOVE that section of the place. haha
While in Berlin we were able to experience food from Australia (Kangaroo is actually really tasty! lol), Argitina (sp), American, and Mexican. Strangely enough we didnt eat anything German really. Maybe something for lunch one day. We found Starbucks and I had my first Strawberry and Cream Frap in over a year! It was HEAVEN! I also found out there are 243 Dunkin Donuts in Berlin. And I didnt get any because I was never hungry when we walked by the few by our hotel. Some other time. lol The guys (Anthony and our friend Josh) went out drinking nearly every night and had a wonderful time.
Before we left on leave, the 4th I believe, we went to a skeet range at a base near us. I shot a weapon for the very first time EVER! I didnt hit any skeets but I shot a weapon. lol Also on the 4th we went up to the freedon fest on base. Nothing fantastic but the kids had tons of fun. Isnt that all that matters in life?
Here are some photos from Berlin! Theres like 30ish out of like 300+ I took. I cant narrow it down more.
A Berlin Bum.... Berlin 2009 006
Eddie In Legoland Berlin 2009 020
Lil in LegolandBerlin 2009 061
Berlin 2009 064
Gonna go with smaller sizes for the rest. Check out my flicker for the full size
Berlin 2009 087 Berlin 2009 088
Berlin 2009 091 Berlin 2009 111 Berlin 2009 122
there was a group of Art Students sketching at the zooBerlin 2009 129
Berlin 2009 135Berlin 2009 151
Berlin 2009 171 Berlin 2009 182
Berlin 2009 183 Berlin 2009 189
Pieces of the Berlin Wall
Berlin 2009 199 Berlin 2009 200
Starbucks! Honestly I've never wanted something so much in my life! LMAO
Berlin 2009 202
Berlin 2009 222 Berlin 2009 235
Berlin 2009 241
Holocaust Memorial
Berlin 2009 254
Germany's President Palace
Berlin 2009 268
Berlin 2009 276
Technical Museum
Berlin 2009 280Berlin 2009 299 Berlin 2009 303
Berlin 2009 304Berlin 2009 307 Berlin 2009 332
Berlin 2009 357 Berlin 2009 369
Berlin 2009 371 Berlin 2009 384

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